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Daniel Hidalgo
2020-04-29 15:55:20

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For today on Gears Tactics we prepare an article on how to beat Corpser in which we cover every detail of this battle.

Who is Corpser in Gears Tactics.

Before you know how to beat Corpser, you have to know that this is one of one of the bosses that you will have to face in the game, it will not be a simple battle, in fact it is classified as the battle with a more difficult boss in the game, so this guide on how to beat Corpser in Gears Tactics comes as a ring to you.

How to beat Corpser in Gears Tactics.

The first thing you have to know about how to beat Corpser in Gears Tactics, is that the first thing you will have to do is use 4,000 damage to break his left shield, although in itself this is not so necessary since the shield opens before each attack.

Among the attacks this boss will use to use we have:

The proximity grenades, which usually launch simultaneously three to four at a time.
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Lef Slam for this attack the boss raises his leg for a broad leg blow from front to back covering more than a third of the battle arena with his paws, doing one first and the other afterwards.

As a strategy we recommend you kill the Boomers and grab their grenade launchers to use in the boss fight against Corpser, be aware that the boss is vulnerable to explosion damage.

We also recommend having some support units with skills to stimulate health, you will know them

Use the reset tokens in the character customization menu in case Gabe doesn't have the core abilities.

Shortly after the battle begins, your squad will be behind the central elevated platform. Corpser will have two disciples and two miserable ones.

You will have to reach the top by positioning yourself on the central platform and place Mikayla in the back right, so that he can cover the right and horizontal lanes.

After the first attack from the boss the team can split, just remember that the E-hole will open in the lower right corner of the map, from the big truck, generating will generate two miserable and one Boomer.

The first thing you have to do here is take down the Boomer and get the rocket launcher to attack the boss who will shoot his mines so make sure you are not in the danger zone.

Then two grenadiers and five wretches will appear from the right side of the map.

Then another E-hole will appear from the left side, bringing in a Boomer and two Disciples, as well as another wave of grenadier and wretches, so the key here will be to not let your guard down and have enough healing to attack Corpser and his lackeys.

Avoid getting hit by the boss attacks at all costs, also protect your squad and keep attacking until you can shoot the crane over his head to kill him.

  In this way we come to the end of our guide on how to beat Corpser in Gears Tactics, we hope that it has been very useful to you and that you are now much more prepared ready to kill this powerful boss when you have to face him.

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Turn-based tactics
Splash Damage, The Coalition
Xbox Game Studios
Unreal Engine 4
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