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Our job at Gears Tactics is not only fighting, enlisting is also an option, let's see How to recruit Augustus Cole

Who is Augustus Cole in Gears Tactics?

  Simply this is a character already quite known previously in Gears of Wars, and now they have decided to incorporate it into this installment, only that it does not usually appear when we start the game, so once we have progressed a bit we will be offered the possibility of recruiting him .
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    How to recruit Augustus Cole in Gears Tactics?

     The first thing we should do is simply finish the first act, because only after that is that we can get him to join us, Cole considers himself a Hero and although he does not have a very relevant role, simply letting him die in some battle is not an option , because for this points we will be immersed in some rescue missions that are going to require enough help.

    We have to aim to open the lobster torture capsules, since it is necessary to free the prisoners, in addition to having the possibility of eliminating some already miserable ranchers, of course, before reaching all this, it is necessary to have the character pack installed. Thrashball. In addition it is necessary to be clear that Cole joins as a Vanguard Class character.

     Obviously, knowing how to recruit Augustus Cole will simply be an excellent option that you will have at Gears Tactics

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    Unreal Engine 4
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