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Angel Marquez
2020-04-29 17:58:07

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This time we bring a guide on how to use the executions in Gears Tactics with the necessary details.

In Gears Tactics it is possible to perform a special action, it is about executions, which is any enemy can be used by our soldiers, taking into account that the enemy is almost dead, if weakened, to know how to use executions there is much more to keep in mind, so this guide will be perfect to understand about it.

What to know about executions in Gears Tactics?

It is necessary to take into account some factors, it is possible to carry out the execution to a single enemy, to be on the knees and to be in a dejected state, in this way, the will of our soldiers to initiate this movement, because it is indicated through the camera this state the enemy is in, to know how to use continuous executions with reading.

How to use executions in Gears Tactics?

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If we are going to perform any execution on our enemy, it is necessary for a soldier to approach him while he is weakened, this action costs nothing, but it does generate a gain in an additional action point for the entire squad without a meter to the soldier who makes the execution, in the current turn, the points we earn will be valid and will not have to pass the next turn, so they will use the possible actions will be ideal, among them you can find, reloading the weapons, putting our soldiers In a more suitable position and much more, at the moment of execution there are many factors to follow.

We must bear in mind the soldier when approaching the enemy, he must do it carefully, taking into account the appearance of a skull-shaped icon, if not, our soldier will simply approach without doing anything, sometimes we have that moving the mouse very smoothly so that it reaches the deck once it executes, eventually failing the click, brings as a consequence for our character the static in a place where there is no coverage, so it will be necessary to use the action point next to escape from a safer place.

The understanding of how to use the executions comes to be in different circumstances, in them it is necessary to consider avoiding the execution with a soldier who has only one point of action, especially if the enemy is in an open field, meaning that there are others who we could be close, which would lead us to lose more than we could gain, the risk for the passenger the soldier can be even fatal, which will become a great opportunity for the enemy if we decide to send him in this situation, if they should have many more weakened enemies can change the course of the turn, since if we get to carry out 3 executions for example with a single soldier, it is possible that the sea excludes this unit from the round, but we get up to 6 action points to 3 other soldiers , the total would be 18 action points, which will be more viable than using 3 action points on 4 soldiers, being this total of 12 action points.

In the case that there are very few enemies that are nearby, where there are at least 2 of our soldiers, it is feasible that we carry out this execution, which helps to recharge all our soldiers, thus using the abilities of each of our Team members during the round, in Gears Tactics some of our skills can verses increased by the bonuses that have to do directly to the success in an execution, an important example is of the heavy class, through this it is possible to earn 2 points of action at the time that an ally succeeds in executing an enemy, the importance of this function is remarkable in the game, which allows the victory tilt to our side on many occasions and that without the additional action points that we generate through this function, ending up being of great support to destroy our enemies.

It has been shown that knowing how to use executions is vital to our performance, now what we can progress in Gears Tactics.

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