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You want to know how to increase the action points in Gears Tactics because you are in the right place to understand everything about it.

Throughout our journey in Gears Tactics we will have the possibility of increasing the number of action points that our soldiers have, for them it is vital that we have the action points, which has been the currency of the game, which is In charge of determining our movements, be they attacks, action and even the use of skills, therefore it is necessary to understand how to increase the action points, what we are going to achieve in this guide and its content are the answers to this question. .

What should we know about the action points in Gears Tactics?

In this function we will notice that each soldier has a total of 3 action points, which will be used to move, make 3 shots against our enemies or activate the surveillance mode, the more points they get, possible As the duration of our turn is much longer, we will now see how to increase action points in precise detail.

How to increase action points in Gears Tactics?

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    The extraction of a weakened enemy will be the main way in which it is possible to increase the action points, there are enemy units that can suffer in this state after receiving mortal blows, open their elimination in the next round, but if a soldier approaches and perform a special action, we will gain for each member of our squad an action point, with several executions, we get more points, we must bear in mind that it eliminates the enemy without gaining points, but it is possible to carry out a rotation of soldiers to carry out the executions, it is also possible that by buying the right skills we have another way of obtaining the action points, this allows us to achieve it in a single turn, in which each class has a different focus, let's take the example of the support class using the Empower's ability, which costs one action point, however adds one point to another soldier in our squad, now the heavy class is capable of obtaining 2 action points for each successful execution, for the sniper it is a single point when eliminating an enemy in full attack, Vanguard is the same way when eliminating using a bayonet, the investment in skills will be important to the maximum benefit of our soldiers, since in the next levels of the game they will work with greater risk.

    This is the end of our guide on how to increase the action points, hoping that you will get the most out of it while having fun at Gears Tactics.

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