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Find out how to recruit soldiers in this excellent and explanatory Gears Tactics guide with precise details.

 In Gears Tactics we have the possibility of increasing the number of our squad, for this reason it is ideal to know that we started the game with only 2 heroes, but later on it is necessary to know how to recruit soldiers, this in order to defeat many more enemies, since in this guide we will have the necessary details to help us in this regard, let's see the following content.

What to know about recruiting soldiers in Gears Tactics?

 It is not possible for us to purchase new recruits, nor to summon or train them at the base, it is clear that soldiers become a very limited resource, which is of great value in our army, the limitations exist regarding getting new soldiers, the lost troops cannot be recovered, which puts us in the position of having to take care of our soldiers, preventing them from dying quickly, at any moment we will certainly have new recruits, to have the more precise details you have to continue reading.
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    How to recruit soldiers in Gears Tactics?

     After we have passed the initial missions, it is possible to recruit soldiers, where chapter X aims to carry out the search and keep alive all the soldiers we meet, who will come to join our team permanently, Another option that we can take is to carry out main or secondary missions, which are directly related to the rescue of the soldiers who are imprisoned by the enemies. When we are on the mission, we will find the capsules in which the Soldiers, the moment we release them, we will see how they join our team. After we have completed the task, recruitment is possible.

     Once we have passed a few chapters, new recruits will report to our base, only they will stay here for a limited time, this until it is our decision to hire them, they will be able to leave our base once they have completed some missions, we can select the soldier to recruit, even fire those we currently have recruited and replace them if we want, this being the only way if we want to fill those vacancies left by the recruits who die, to a mission it is important that we take different classes of soldiers, since the heroes will not be able to participate in all the tasks that will have to be performed, it is ideal that our soldiers are prepared in terms of the experience required, so if we want to maintain a balanced team it is perfect that Let's recruit soldiers of different classes.

     Now you know how to recruit soldiers, just do it and prepare to improve while you are in full Gears Tactics.

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