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XCOM Chimera Squad: How to Combat – Tips and Tricks

2020-04-29 01:30:34

We have prepared for you a XCOM Chimera Squad guide where we will explain everything related to How to Combat

 The Combat in XCOM Chimera Squad are simply unique, and require us to stay on top, as we will have a considerable amount of time where we will stay in combat, so being a weak fighter simply will not help, prepare yourself because knowing how to Combat simply It will be our routine here.

What is break mode and how does it work in XCOM Chimera Squad?

One of the advantages that this game has and so it is important to know how to Combat are the breaking points, but this name is simply given to certain entrances such as windows, broken walls, finally places where can be accessed, or simply attack enemies since while we are playing we will have access to see them since the game will show us these points, only we must be clear that when an agent crosses these points, he will simply become the line agent of time at XCOM Chimera Squad, this because the timing here is complex.

It is important to be clear that the break mode is simply the first phase of combat in XCOM Chimera Squad, since it is precisely where we can assign the order for our agents to pass through the doors, who can choose to attack enemies, of course taking into account that doing so in a fairly orderly way it will simply allow us to achieve balanced enemies, since in some ways some are quite formidable, starting first with them, since this becomes our advantage, especially since simply the number of enemies that can attack us in a room can be large, thereby implying the need to eliminate one by one, so knowing how to Combat simply is a necessary obligation.

How to Combat in a timeline in XCOM Chimera Squad?

Generally, the timeline remains mixed, so it is important to always keep your eyes on the enemies because they will not have mercy on us, so it will be vital to look at the left side of our screen because this allows us to carry a sequence where we can execute some attacks preventing our enemy from attacking us, therefore knowing how to Combat is memorable, and that is when we manage to eliminate the possibility that an enemy can only have one turn and proceed to eliminate the next, the third enemy will simply have what to expect, since the executed movement simply disappears.

Using the skills is also good, although they really do not have a higher incidence, since they only fulfill a specific function and that is to delay the enemy, allowing us to get a little more additional time, these really are quite favorable, since the damage caused is nothing in XCOM Chimera Squad, but if they allow us to be able to attack and eliminate our enemies in a much more comfortable way due to the delay caused.

The timeline is vital to know how to Combat since this is simply a game mechanic that allows us to determine the movement that the enemy may cause, since each character has an opportunity to generate an attack on the enemy in XCOM Chimera Squad.

Updating the chargers is one of the first strategies used when we want to learn how to Combat, since it is necessary to ensure that all members of our group are well equipped, with Auto-Loaders, since it is vital to be able to shoot, reload and above all move, allowing us to achieve a totally necessary change in combat that is simply not an option to set aside.

To update the automatic loader in XCOM Chimera Squad it is necessary to make use of the automatic update installed, as this should generally be done while we keep moving through the map since it does not usually cause any inconvenience, since if we do not have this update we should simply do it manually where it would be necessary to wait to complete the shift to update in addition to having to load all our weapons, if for any reason we were to run out of ammunition.

How to Combat by restarting the encounters in XCOM Chimera Squad?

On some occasions we are not always satisfied with the encounters and we have the possibility to restart them again, it is not something that could be prohibited or that could cause us any inconvenience, it should not be an option to get rid of what has not been perfect to do it again but it is shown to us as an option to do things in a much more perfect way than the previous one and here it is valid.

Restarting the encounters allows us to not always lose everything, as we could go back a little and do everything much better than before, since fighting in XCOM Chimera Squad does not necessarily turn out very well, and this is because the combat here does not either It is very simple, but there are high possibilities to change and improve it.

In summary, missions are usually more complex when the Riot District is higher, so it is ideal to keep enough fire crews to keep the peace and the missions here are just as simple hills as possible, plus be alert and Pending our timeline will not give our enemy a chance to bother us and least of all to eliminate us.

Some enemies can become a little more complicated to eliminate since they usually have some obstacles that do not allow us to execute good attacks or in some cases they can hide behind some cover, which will lead us to reduce the distance or choose to use some unique items that can deal damage to them, in addition to getting automatic updates to make it possible to reload our weapons effectively every turn.

 This is without a doubt all you need to know about How to Combat, because simply executing good moves allows us to win against our enemies in XCOM Chimera Squad.

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