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Our invitation is to discover how to get equipment, one of the important tasks in Gears Tactics.

What should you know about the team at Gears Tactics?

It is important that we have the necessary equipment for our performance in the game, but we will be able to get new weapons and armor with few options, because there are no stores or workshops in the game that facilitate this, to know how to obtain equipment we have to focus on the content explained below.

How to get equipment in Gears Tactics?

The possibilities that we obtain equipment for our soldiers are few, however we can obtain some weapon components, among which is the cannon, sights, bayonet and also grenades, armor, boots and helmet, these are the armaments that fit the class in a particular way, example if we have the support class, there will be no coincidence with the weapon sometimes by the Vanguard, for more similarities that may exist, in each of the weapons items, there is an icon that indicates the character class to which it is specified to use in Gears Tactics.
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    When completing the task of a main mission it is possible to obtain how to reward the team, even for completing the secondary missions, the new team will be within our reach in this way, it is good that we check before each mission the reward to be obtained after success, In case we consider that it is not possible to complete the mission, we will look in the main menu and we will restart the mission, which allows us to start from scratch and with the new opportunity it is possible to obtain an additional object, each of them It is marked with a category indicative of the value that these numbers have, in the same way that happens in card games, role-playing games or hacking and slash, where common objects have white, rare blue, and epic purple and the legendary the orange.

    When the object is better, it will mean that the level is higher, but it does not mean that this object will be superior to another of any lower level, in some of the objects we will find bonuses and even penalties for our characters We can have another option to obtain equipment in the exploration of the mission area, thus removing the chests of the teams, which randomly exist in each mission, the number of them always being the same, but their location if you can to change, it is necessary that we observe our environment from the beginning of the game when moving the cameras, which allows us to find the restrictions of the cafes, being visible even in the foggy situations of war, being outside the area of our soldiers, these chests are also color-coded, just like the objects, the content of them is random, managing to open once the tasks are complete, It is ideal before we complete the tasks carried out the explorations necessary to locate all the chests, this before defeating the last of our enemies.

    Finally, now that we know how to get equipment, we can continue on Gears Tactics.

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