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Guide to learn how to smash Windows in the game of Moving Out

  The virtual reality game is about a parody of the changes that take place in real life, where the client grants you his signature for an exemption, he can break anything he wants, from TV screens to all the windows of the house .

With this guide you can learn to have more accessibility to the house for a greater experience in the game.
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How to Smash Windows in Moving Out?

As you play you realize that there are certain missions that do not allow you to break them to advance, but without a doubt that a method to level up quickly is destroying them.

The good news is that the windows seem to be of poor quality in the game due to the simplicity with which they break. But the funniest way to do it is by jumping through them (pressing X if you're on PS4, A on Xbox One, or B on Switch) or throwing something at him.

They can also throw items for added fun by picking it up with one of the triggers, then stay in position if it's on PS4 (X on Xbox One or Y on Switch) to target where you want it to go. Once you have the target ready you just have to release the button.

In case you throw something inside this simply allows you to stay in the same place and throw more things if you want.

 Learning how to smash Windows in Moving Out is very simple, and once you do, you are free to use the opening as a shortcut, a place to throw things, or even a path to get them out.

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