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Our battles in Gears Tactics simply depend on our skills in activities, let's see How to complete side missions

What are side missions in Gears Tactics for?

Simply this is a game that keeps us in constant exercise, because staying still and waiting for death should never be an option, on the contrary the need arises to get new activities and with it the so-called secondary missions, and these have a very specific objective , is that they must be fulfilled in order to give continuity to the story.

The secondary missions are simply alternate activities that we carry out and that precisely in this game are extremely necessary to carry out, because by executing them we can achieve excellent and necessary possibilities of progress during this game.
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    How to complete side missions in GearsTactics?

    The secondary missions have a goal and allow us to carry out activities where rescuing soldiers is a necessary option, in addition to having the possibility of not having to skip any activity and to achieve them, all you have to do is access the menu screen and view the mission played, since It is there where we have the possibility of observing some amount of activities that we can and must complete, the detail is that they always tend to have the same objective even though they may present some minimum detail of variation.

    What are the 4 types of side quests in Gears Tactics?

    • Control: This type of secondary mission requires us to stay in a specific position for a certain period of time in order to complete it.
    •  Rescue: This mission requires saving allied soldiers who have been captured in certain positions, as it simply ends up being the most common activity on these sides.
    •  Treasure Race: To complete this mission we must focus on searching in a certain specific area for a number of objects.
    •  Sabotage: This activity deserves the destruction of some objects that we have previously located.


    Now that you know how to complete secondary missions it is time to put them into practice in Gears Tactics to demonstrate that we are simply prepared for everything.

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