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Every time the action in Gears Tactics gets more interesting, let's see How to beat Hydra.

Exactly who is Hydra in Gears Tactics?

 Our fighting life continues to progress quite well but we got to a point where there is a very strange boss, because this is simply Hydra, he looks quite unpleasant thanks to his huge tentacles, it is really a headache for him to know How to beat Hydra is decisive , since with him we will hold a strong fight, since it usually moves continuously through the battle arena, in addition the tentacles are protected by armor making it more resistant to our attacks.

What is Hydra's ability in Gear Tactics?

The Roar: Knowing how to beat Hydra is an important task, especially since this is a fairly strong boss and that he has the ability to roar, which usually affects Overwatch cones, which is important for Hydra since he is move on one side of the map, so our strategy is to move back to where we started, but that's not all, since this roar ability has a paralyzing effect that considerably reduces the movement about to get into a 50 percent.
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    How to beat Hydra in Gears Tactics?

     With this enemy there are simply occasions where they can become frustrating because we cause blows and as they are protected, little damage is usually done, this is an enemy that plans to eliminate us at all costs, so we must show off our abilities, starting by placing ourselves far enough back where it is located, since it usually launches missiles, which can easily get us out of the way where we are.

    Knowing how to beat Hydra is simply a necessity in this game as it will do its best to generally attack to the right, so we must be smarter and try to round up our group so as not to receive missile attacks, just stay away from explosions. at Gears Tactics.

    While we are fighting Hydra, many more enemies appear, because they must be alert since there will be monsters everywhere, some may be miserable, ranchers and tickers who will simply be able to eliminate us, as soon as we eliminate them we cannot neglect ourselves because they will appear different, because in This point we will already have Hammerhurst drones, since there is no possibility for not being attacked, allowing knowing how to beat Hydra can become a bit more complicated.

    When we are fighting with Drones, ranchers and timber, as well as tickers, it is ideal to look for one of the platforms, since our objective is survival, it is ideal to look for the one with a “3” written in white, because we will simply be here sheltered.

    But these enemies described in the previous paragraph are not the only ones that seek to annoy us while we fight Hydra, since when we are in the final part to shoot down Hydra, the Boomers appear, other annoying enemies, but we can choose to protect ourselves by placing ourselves on the left side Well, here we have a series of elements that can serve as protection.

    Simply knowing how to beat Hydra is becoming increasingly interesting because we must show off the gears, using certain tactics that allow us to avoid attacks by enemies in Gears Tactics, in the same way to achieve some way that enemies do not achieve move along. On the other hand, hitting Hydra when we are on the opposite side of the central platform, it is simply impossible, so we must put some distance to evaluate the next step to take since a false step simply leads to certain death.

    What skills can we apply to beat Hydra in Gears Tactics?

    • Gabe: Must have the healing ability.
    • Mikayla: You must use the skills First Blood, Chain Shot and Precision Shot.
    • Sid: Expecting Rally to intimidate.
    • Reyna: Make use of Sprint and Proximity Mine skills.

     Now that you have knowledge about How to beat Hydra you can shop around Gears Tactics and take it down in a less complicated way.

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