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Guide to learn how to slap in the video game Moving Out

  The objective of the game itself is very silly, just having to move objects from the house to the moving truck doesn't sound like much, right? because the truth is that in the process you will have to face other invisible enemies that will impede your objective, therefore, slapping seems the best option to defend yourself.
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How to slap in Moving Out?

Most of the reasons why you could slap (in-game, not real-life huh) for example, there's a trophy or achievement, called Rain, Hail or Glitter, that asks you to slap every mailbox in the game.

After completing these types of missions, he can slap your enemies like ghosts to prevent them from chasing you for a limited time, allowing you to grab whatever they are protecting and that you need to take out.

To do this is very simple, as long as you are not wearing anything, press Square if you are playing on PS4 (X on Xbox One or Y on Switch)

Offset platform entry

  • Plaza PS4
  • Xbox One X
  • Change Y

  With this movement you will surprise your enemies, but remember, to learn How to slap in Moving Out you must have your hands free of any object, otherwise it will not work.

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