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2020-10-14 11:07:11

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Today we bring you a The Survivalists guide with the objective of explaining how to train a monkey.

 We will come to find ourselves in The Survivalists with very lonely situations, which can be ideal to stay alive, but sometimes we will have to go out to explore the island and we will meet the monkeys, of which it is possible to train so that we support in the different survival tasks that we must pass daily in the game, but for this it is necessary that we understand the fact of how to train a monkey and the answers will be present from now on, let's see them.

What to know about the monkey in The Survivalists?

 The first thing is to find a monkey, for this we have 2 possibilities, among them we have to explore the island we are going to find a monkey trapped in a cage, which if we hit with our hand ax we will end up destroying and freeing the monkey, By doing so, it will be enough for it to follow us, now the other way is through nature, it is necessary to keep a monkey fed with the food that it likes, for this we must have the campfire or access to the fire, having the ingredients as a petal, a berry and a makeshift bowl, now the next thing is to know how to train a monkey, let's see what it is about.

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How to train a monkey in The Survivalists?

 This happens to be through the mimic modality, which allows us to solve how to train a monkey, for this we will use the Q on our PC, giving in a single click and choosing the option to teach, thus having an icon of A banana on the head of this, the monkey will imitate the things we do, which will happen the same for the jobs that it can do in The Survivalists, among these functions we have that there are a few jobs for which we will be able to train the monkey taking into account that you can only memorize one of these duties, so in a single task it is the best to maintain it, let's see the jobs in which we can train you.


  •  Construction and Crafts: we can say that they are 2 different jobs, where the monkeys will carry out the construction of the structures to be able to have the necessary materials, in the craft stations where the bonfires, forges and everything similar are presented requires to have a multitool equipped.
  • Combat: it is certainly possible to include in knowing how to train a monkey, in which it comes to have a weapon, since they can defend us from those monsters, these monkeys can use what we give them for this as long as it is a weapon, this training is in mimic mode trying to hit any enemy.
  • The delivery: in The Survivalists we have that this monkey is capable if it is properly trained to take materials to the planes that are unfinished, the mimic mode allows us to train it for this work.
  • Collect: as for how to train a monkey, there is the possibility of doing it in terms of the collection, this is capable of cutting trees or the resources that have to do with the harvest, a weapon to hit helps them in this task, being ideally a picket or an ax, in the mimic mode we will use the training of cutting a tree or the resources that are adapted to this work.
  • The meeting: depending on the size of the structure in which we live, the meeting monkeys can be useful, they focus on taking the objects they find on the ground and they will keep them in chests, without depending on any equipment, using mimic mode it is possible to train in The Survivalists in terms of collecting from the ground and storing.


 Knowing how to train a monkey is interesting, as it allows us to unwind and have more fun in The Survivalists.

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