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Angel Marquez
2020-10-14 17:57:58

More about: The Survivalist

With our The Survivalist guide you will learn more about how to find treasures.

What to know about the treasures in The Survivalist?

  When carrying out the necessary explorations on the island we are going to get some totem chests and more, this can give us the support that will help us in our survival, we certainly talk that achieving it will be a great challenge because of how hard it is and exhausting for our physique in general, but we cannot forget that we are in a video game, this time it is ideal that we know how to find treasures and we will have the answers below.
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How to find treasures in The Survivalist?

 The old visitors left many chests on the island that we can find in our explorations, when we open it we may find something very useful, which we will send to our inventory, we even have those boxes capable of breaking in which there are items of shape Random for our benefit, such as gold, materials and even food in some cases, these are very frequent and it is ideal not to miss them in The Survivalist.

 Apart from knowing how to find treasures we have some totem statues, these can provide us with some rewards, but it is important that we have an item in exchange for each of these totems, for this we must interact with this statue where we are going to get in turn the clue of the object required by said statue, taking into account the lack of clarity, they only give a brief hint such as, for example, how bright is the only thing that fills me, it is important to take advantage of the photo of the necessary object that always will be presented to us.

 Now, as we advance in the exploration, we will come to meet an individual, it is a person who owns a traveling shop that on some different days will appear in the many places on the map, it is important that on the days that it appears we take the opportunity to do business, since the next day we change area, we must highlight the first time we meet him we will have a task to do, it is about looking for x3 ropes and in this way we receive a spy glass, next to the hot air balloon he has it, It is something simple and that will benefit us, with the help of the spyglass it is possible to reveal different parts of the map and the islands that are far away will also be exposed in The Survivalist, it is something that we will certainly use later in the game, instantly that we have completed the task, we will be able to access the merchandise that it offers for sale, among which are materials, tools and even food, the maps will help us solve r How to find treasures if we buy them, the sale is also possible to make to this individual, what we can buy in our first meeting is the following:

  •  Metal Club for 120
  • Mango curry for 200
  • Mysterious Chest for 30
  • Glowing Rock for 70
  • Flimsy Ax for 50
  • Light Ax for 135
  • Palm Leaf x20 for 23
  • Golden spear for 75
  • Gold bar for 45
  • Robust multitool for 55


Finally, now that we know how to find treasures we can move on in The Survivalist.

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