Angel Marquez
2020-10-13 10:14:36

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Today we bring you a The Survivalists guide where we will explain how to save your game.

What to know about The Survivalists?

In this game we will come to find many things that become overwhelming at first, things that will cause us many confusions that we will have to overcome to achieve survival and progress, there are many instructions to follow to achieve the objectives, among which are Knowing How to save your game, to have a clearer idea we will have the content of this guide to support us, just follow it closely and see what it brings us.

How to save your game in The Survivalists?

We will depend first on the craftsmanship, we must bear in mind that a bed is what will allow us to save our game directly when sleeping in it at the moment we want, for this we have to have a padding that becomes comfortable and a Sheet for the bed, achieving the creation of this, when we make it possible, we will arrive through the menu to place it, choosing the place where we will want it, we leave the menu of the plans and we will go to the chosen area, here is When we will make the choice of the bed, we add the padding, doing it through the toolbar, arriving at its installation with the Flimsy Multitool, then going through the sheet that we will add, so we have the bed ready.
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What can be a problem in principle is the collection of materials for the bed, since we are going to make grass cuts in the flowers that will be used for the straw that will help us with the creation of the padding, we will go to knock down some palm trees getting of these the palm leaves and finally filling, being necessary a total of 3 palm leaves, accessing the plans menu brings us another problem, which we will do through the screen in the upper left part, being in The PC we have is R, but in the case of consoles it is different, the point is that when entering the menu we will be able to place the plan of what we want to create, leaving this menu we will only have to place the necessary materials.

In this way we finish our The Survivalists guide, now you know how to save your game, just enjoy it to the fullest.