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2020-10-14 11:02:35

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The action in Red Dead Online does not stop so we are going to explain where to find the legendary elk Ruddy.

What to know about the legendary elk Ruddy in Red Dead Online?

  The last of the legendary moose has been added to Harriet's mission, it is Ruddy, which will not be an encounter that occurs randomly, being something that if it was presented in the two previous cases for the legendary moose, this means that there is a guarantee of finding it and it does depend on the time factor, climate and more, now taking this into account it is necessary that we know where to find the legendary elk Ruddy and this guide has below the content with the answers, let's follow it.

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Where to find the legendary elk Ruddy in Red Dead Online?

 In the advanced ports we will look for Harriet, as we approach we will be able to start the mission, no matter which one we are going to reach the area that is required for this hunt, it is important to consider that we will be in a cold possibly due to frequent hunting, now It is important that before starting the mission we have enough ammunition for our weapons, since we will have several enemy confrontations, in the case of the animal the sedative is necessary, when we are ready what we will do is approach Harriet and choose the legendary Ruddy as mission from the list, the good thing is that we will all have the mission guaranteed, we must understand the 45-minute restart of the rotation if we are not here for a second chance, well if we want then the sample, the skin, the photo or more, It is important that this mission be reproduced twice.

 While we are playing in a gang it is necessary that we play several times, since that way everyone can have the sample, only the party member is the one who will be in charge of skinning the animal, the beginning of the mission is at the edge of Tall Trees , in the great plains, we have to go where the yellow marker is to meet a photographer who has been attacked, here we will see a scene in which the moose will be seen, it is good to see how the game guides us to save the moose Of those poachers, there are certainly 3 hunters that we must control and keep abreast of what the animal does so as not to lose sight of it.

 We hope that the information detailed here on where to find the legendary elk Ruddy has been useful to have fun at Red Dead Online.

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