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Fabiola Rodriguez
2020-10-13 15:26:57

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Guide to learn how to get blueprints in The Survivalists

 Like any game at the beginning, many options are blocked and as you progress you will be able to unlock various options that will benefit you in The Survivalists. This can be a bit confusing, because obviously you will need to start creating some things early in the process to survive, you will still be able to make more and more creations with this guide where we will teach you How to obtain blueprints. Stay to find out more!

How to get blueprints in The Survivalists?

The blueprints of the game can be unlocked by creating all the available items you see. You can first create items from your hand, which opens the possibility of creating various tools. This will also open up the ability to refine resources, which you can then turn into much more valuable items. So you will see how you will unlock various objects if you implement the additional elements.

Elaboration by hand.

These blueprints are pretty easy to open, because most of the items you need to create everything are close to where you start the game. This is all basic, so just create one item, collect the next resource, and continue creating until you have everything unlocked.
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Head over to the Blueprints menu and start making things like beds and fire pits. To open the Blueprint menu, look at the top left of your screen and see which button is labeled there.

You will need to create two essential things and it is a bed and a campfire. With the bed you can put away your game and sleep while that fire pit will open up some additional things you can create. Once you create the campfire, you will have access to the crafting bench.

This is how you are going to create a lot of better tools and really start to get into the meat and potatoes of the game. Once you have the bank, you can make yourself a forge, increasing your ability to create even more!

Learning cooking recipes goes along the same lines. You will need to set up the campfire, and when you interact with it, it will open the campfire cooking recipes window.

You can select the item you would like to cook and then add the items to the campfire to create it. For this you will need your cooking multitool, which makes it one of the most important tools you will have on your belt.

 Now that you know how to get blueprints in The Survivalists you can have a greater variety of ways to create different objects based on the various elements found in the game. Luck!

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