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With our The Survivalists guide you will learn more about How to cook.

What to know about cooking in The Survivalists?

It is an element that will help us in survival in the game, when we are on an island trapped cooking can be an important factor, being necessary that we first create a campfire, for this we require pebbles x6 and wood x1 but additionally another is necessary Wood in case the fire can go out, when this situation occurs we will get x1 charcoal, which we can use later, now if we want to stay with a full stomach it is vital to understand how to cook and those details come right now.

How to cook in The Survivalists?

Having managed to solve the campfire we will be able to cook, when we find it lit, what we will do is make an interaction with it to access a menu of recipes, taking into account the vision of some that are basic, while we cook more we will learn, When choosing one of the recipes we only have to have the ingredients, we will choose what is cooked through the kitchen bar and we will eat it, depending on the food we eat we will achieve different effects, with a fruit smoothie or wings we will arrive at restore our health, but there are others that will only fill our stomach, we now see some recipes that we can count on below.
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    • To make crispy wings we require 4 bat wings and 1 palm daughter
    • With 2 berries, 2 coconuts and 1 palm leaf we have a fruit smoothie
    • For 2 steak, 2 berries and 1 palm leaf we have a sizzling steak
    • Taking the ingredients of 2 petals, 2 berries and an improvised bowl we will make Stewed Berries
    • To make a monkey meal you need 1 petal, 1 berry and a makeshift bowl
    • In the case of a sweetened meat you need 3 pieces of meat, 3 berries and 1 palm leaf
    • With 1 improvised bowl, 2 coconuts and 3 fruits we managed to make the Mango Curry
    • With 2 scraps of meat or 1 piece of meat we will make a meat kebab
    • If we are going to make a fruit kebab, you need 1 piece of meat, 1 wood and 2 fruits
    • We need 1 fillet and 1 palm leaf for a charred fish
    • Sweet fish requires 2 fillets, 2 fruits and 1 palm leaf

    Finally now that we know how to cook we can move on to The Survivalists.

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