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This time we return with a The Survivalists guide with the objective of explaining how to get mud and sand.

What to know about mud and sand in The Survivalists?

They are 2 resources of great importance to maintain our survival, we must find both resources, taking into account that it is not something simple to do, there are some materials that will allow us to find these resources, which will help us in the construction of walls and windows in the game, even the Forge depends on this, now to understand the details regarding how to get mud and sand we have to focus on the following content, let's do it then.

How to get mud and sand in The Survivalists?

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    It is important to go through different stages of construction and crafts to be able to cultivate mud and sand, at the beginning we have that the hand ax will be our construction, due to this it will be unlocking other key tools, the same will happen with small objects that They are the ones that will allow us to build what is necessary for the elements we are looking for, through the recipes of the tool handle and the branch of the ax we have to unlock the recipe of the shovel, being of vital importance to find the mud and the sand, what is required is a tool handle x1, a piece of stone x1 and a rope x2, which allows us to have the shovel and in this way it is possible to go in search of mud and sand.

    The grasslands that are surrounding the edges of the beach must be dug in order to collect some mud, it is possible to do with the shovel, in the case of sand, you have to dig in any sandy spot on the beach with the same shovel. It is good to know that monkeys can help us make this task more easily, if we click on the train command we will get to give our shovel to the monkey and it will continue digging for us.

    This is how we finish our guide on How to get mud and sand, hoping that this will improve your performance and fun in The Survivalists, a very busy game.

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