Angel Marquez
2020-10-16 08:55:38

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With our guide to The Survivalists you will learn more about how to manufacture.

Why manufacture in The Survivalists?

It is important because we will thus get to obtain what is necessary for our survival in the game, starting from tools, objects, furniture and food, here in this explanatory guide we will see the necessary details to understand how to manufacture, which is through the recipes and what each one of these depends on, so let's follow the following content closely.

How to manufacture in The Survivalists?

Character elements: these are the basics of our character, such as its tools that allow us to create and use, in the character creation menu we will find the items to be made.

  • Rope: Long grass x2 and wood x2
  • Tool handle: stone x1 and tool handle x1
  • Torch: Coal x2, palm leaf x1 and rope x1
  • Straw package: palm leaf x1 and long grass x3
  • Stone Piece: Stones x4
  • Wooden rod: Rope x1 and wood x2
  • Wood Club: Rope x1 and Wood x2
  • Bed sheet: palm leaves x3
  • Makeshift Bowl: Palm Leaves x2
  • Hand ax: stone x2 and wood x2
  • Multiple flimsy tool: Rope x1 and straw bundle x1
  • Comfortable padding: Rope x1 and palm leaves x2

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The food: for these, the recipes are necessary and we can cook them on the campfire, then having the ingredients and the campfire ready we can cook the recipes that we will see below.

  • Sweetened meat: berries x3, palm leaf x1 and pieces of meat x2
  • Sweet fish: fruits x2, steaks x2 and palm leaf x1
  • Stewed berries: makeshift bowl x1, petals x2 and berries x2
  • Spicy steak: berries x3, piece of meat x2 and palm leaf x1
  • Money Food: Berry x1, Petal x1 and Makeshift Bowl x1
  • Meat Kebab: Meat Scraps x2 and Piece of Meat x1
  • Mango curry: makeshift bowl x1, coconuts x2 and fruits x3
  • Fruit smoothie: petal x1, berry x1 and makeshift bowl x1
  • Crisp wings: bat wings x3 and palm leaf x1
  • Charred Fish: Palm Leaf x1 and Steak x1

In this way we finalize our The Survivalists guide, now you know how to manufacture, just enjoy it to the fullest.