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Lidia Rozo
2020-10-15 16:36:11

More about: The Survivalists

The Survivalists brings us some amount of work to do and this involves knowing how to eat

What does eating at The Survivalists entail?

This is one of the best tasks that we can achieve and this is particularly due to the fact that our goal is to choose to survive in the middle of the adventure, since in a way it is similar to real life, in such a way that our task is to know How to eat starting from supplying a basic need that allows us to stay as strong as possible.

How to eat at The Survivalists?

When starting this game we are offered the possibility of feeding ourselves with berries, since this is due to the fact that we are placed on an island with an abundance of this type of food, which is in a certain way feasible because they are a source of energy only that we cannot choose to stay only with them and this makes us mobilize a little in search of other foods through exploration, in such a way that we can go in search of a somewhat more powerful source of nutrition that can be edible such as:
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  • Hunt animals.
  • Fishing.
  • Eat cooked meat.

Knowing how to eat can take us some time, since the collection process can take a bit long, however, you just have to explore and press the mouse button as soon as we have mobilized and placed the food in the object slot that is found. located at the bottom of our screen, because in a way this game has some similarities to reality.

Definitely knowing how to eat allows us to be as strong as possible because it is an adventure that requires our best physical condition, so that The Survivalists can become a life experience for us.

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Team17, Sold-Out Software

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