Angel Marquez
2020-10-13 10:35:06

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The Survivalists will take us today to discover in this guide How to craft a raft with precise details.

Why craft a raft in The Survivalists?

  It is necessary to do it to be able to travel islands for exploration in order to find the hidden things to reinforce our survival on the island, what we have to do first is to give a strange person and do what they tell us, when we complete it we will be able to receive an object in exchange that will take us to access the locations of other islands, there is no other option to get to these, in this guide we will focus on How to make a raft, so let's see the following details.
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How to craft a raft in The Survivalists?

 Being located on the coast next to the sea is the main thing to be able to manufacture the raft, since if we are in any other place this is not possible, in the sea we have to place the plan of the raft, which will lead us to have the materials necessary, being these wooden rods x6 and ropes x3, it is important to bear in mind that this will not be enough for trips to other places, we must have a sail in the raft, which we must create with the help of the craft bench with the materials Necessary such as fur x3, palm leaf x3 and ropes x3, with the monkey in between it will carry out the constructions of the plans, now having the sail on the raft we can make the trips, if we are on the PC it is necessary to press The space to thus have control of the raft, we make the turns of the sail with the Q and the E, which allows us to find the direction of the wind, when we catch the seeing our raft will go in a certain direction.

 It is evident that knowing how to craft a raft allows us to have more fun in The Survivalists.