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We have made for you a The Survivalists guide where we propose to tell you where to find gold Ingots

What are gold Ingots in the Survivalist?

  These are simply one of the many valuable elements with which it is possible to get ourselves in this game, because together with the gems they are usually very sought after, the detail is that getting them can become somewhat complicated, but for that we have come this way.
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    Where to find gold Ingots in The Survivalists?

      Our task is to locate the volcanic biome since specifically in the rocky nodes they are usually achieved, this is somewhat complicated because the level of danger is latent, the terrain is hot which could perfectly burn us, it is also necessary to have a training lake on the part of the monkeys since they are experts in climbing, for this it is vital to choose to use the peak and thus to be able to move with a little less difficulty, in addition the possibility of working with companions does not offer advantages to achieve our goal, even if it may become one of the most difficult to find.

      In this sense, knowing where to find gold Ingots makes us have to have a series of necessary elements such as friends and skills to climb, because The Survivalists is a game where the action simply takes a fundamental control, try it.

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