Angel Marquez
2020-10-14 11:10:30

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We welcome you to our The Survivalists guide where we will talk about how to explore the island.

What to know about the island in The Survivalists?

  Through this island we will be able to have what we need to stay alive, if we are already familiar with it, we may have some things to support us, otherwise it is necessary to understand how to explore the island, this is important since it is possible That the nearby area has given us some things for a moment and we must go deeper, looking for the secrets that this island can offer us and the treasures that will help us, if more than say we go to the details that the following content will give us.
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How to explore the island in The Survivalists?

 Ideally, we have a weapon to protect ourselves from the dangers that may exist, so we will make one, it is the wooden stick, which is possible to do having the materials such as palm leaf x1, rope x1 and pieces of wood x2, having this we use the crafts menu and choose the wooden stick to create this weapon, before continuing on How to explore the island you have to bring some food, taking into account that when running with the roof Shift in our PC or the mouse we are going to lose resistance and health, so food can help us to restore is lost, it is important that we focus on the resistance bar since if we see it empty it is necessary to stop completely for a while until that the bar is recovered in The Survivalists.

 While we are exploring it is possible that we notice the existence of a monkey locked in a cage, it is possible to save it with our hand ax by hitting the cage until we manage to break it, also in terms of How to explore the island are on the scene berries and hunting, the berry bush being one of the many things that we will be able to notice at first, once again with our hand ax it is possible to hit them and make a few fall with some wooden parts, it is important be attentive to the different wild animals that we will find in The Survivalists, since they will be threatened by our presence, among which are rabbits, wild boars and gazelles, if we hunt these we will be able to obtain meat and skin, it is necessary to use different hunting tactics for each animal, where long-range weapons such as the bow and arrow or our wooden stick may be necessary, having what we find when killing these animals s we will increase our availability of recipes.

 In this way we end our The Survivalists guide, now you know how to explore the island, just enjoy it to the fullest.