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2020-10-16 08:49:45

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Our goal with this Baldur's Gate 3 guide is to show you where to find Miri, let's see.

What's the point of finding Miri in Baldur's Gate 3?

 This is simply a necessary task that leads us to choose to rescue a man who is trapped and has been attacked by goblins, but this is a rescue that leads us to know where to find Miri since this is his beloved and is part of a mission related to the first act of this game.

 The man who is trapped is under a beam, and to know that it is necessary to find Miri, the man will choose to shout her name on several occasions, sun that at this point we are presented with two options to address this, choosing to complete rescue work in some way, however, it is possible to tell her that she could be dead, which sounds a bit cruel, or simply choose to help him find her, since this can give us certain clues to find her as she is wearing a green blouse and her hair is brown.

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Where to find Miri in Baldur's Gate 3?

  Our search work leads us to mobilize to the building, quite close to the inn that is on fire, our job is to make a spell to speak with the dead since unfortunately this girl is dead on floor 2 and it is our task to try to speak With her, to tell us what happened, during this time Miri will tell us that it is necessary that we take a ring from her sister's dowry chest and it is located in the barn, then we proceed to go in search of the ring and then to where the man of whom she is dead is and proceed to throw Miri's body in front of him since it is the only way that he can believe us and thus put an end to this search.

  In this sense, knowing where to find Miri puts us in trouble, however it is a necessary job to be able to rescue a man trapped in Baldur's Gate 3

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