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PS4: How to Update Software

2020-10-16 08:42:08

Today we want to talk to you about How to update the software, as this is highly important in PS4.

Is it necessary to update the software in PS4?

  It is an important task many times since some games cannot be read completely well, however this does not generate any type of functionality for the operating system, which is simply safe, somehow keeping our console updated allows us to access with complete peace of mind the latest games without glitches.

How to update the software in PS4?

 This is just a task that leads us to download it, it may take a bit, which represents a lot of half an hour, of course in a way that can also vary according to the speed of the internet, once the update is downloaded it is necessary to search the system make it the latest software, especially this should be done when we have some time that we have not used this console.


 To update the software you need:

  • Turn on our PS4.
  • Move to Settings in the menu bar above.
  • Select System Software Update located in the middle of the menu.
  • Here they recommend the update that we must download.
  • We proceed to download it and as soon as it is completed it is necessary to restart our console.
  • It only takes 5 minutes nothing more and our PS4 will be updated to know that everything is ready we will see a notification that says it has been updated successfully.


This is all you need to know about how to update the software, as it is a simple and fast task that we need to perform with our PS4.

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