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Our Phasmophobia guide allows us to tell you how to get all difficulty levels, let's see.

What are the difficulty levels in Phasmophobia?

There are three types of difficulty in this game, and they are usually based on the highest level of a player, here we are offered the possibility of having some interesting elements which includes a ghost test contract and some maps that will be needed to unlock.

The types of difficulty are:

  • Amateur.
  • Intermediate.
  • Professional.

How to get all difficulty levels in Phasmophobia?


This is the first difficulty and it is only possible to achieve it until reaching level 10, this allows us to have the possibility of getting some small maps, perform some tasks alone, in addition this difficulty allows us to have 5 minutes where it will be necessary to assemble the equipment Considering that our best insurance obtained will be for the items that we have lost when we die, which leads us to know that the behavior of the ghosts around us might not be terrifying.
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    To achieve this difficulty it is necessary to have a level that ranges between 10 and 15, here we get some larger maps which must be unlocked, here we have 2 minutes to install the equipment and the average insurance payment when dying, in this kind of difficulty, it is necessary to consider that we are facing a somewhat more aggressive level.


    This is the most complex difficulty and this places us between levels 15 and 25 respectively, which allows us even to have the possibility of getting a contract of 50 percent amateur, 30 percent intermediate and 20 percent professional, the time to assemble equipment is not indicated here, which simply does not represent some insurance, in this way it is possible to get an extremely aggressive ghost from which it will be necessary to take care of ourselves.

    Now that you know how to
    get all difficulty levels, it is necessary to understand that playing Phasmophobia can be complex but interesting in some way, give it a try.

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