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Discover How to complete Deja Vu challenge in Phasmophobia and conquer your fears with our comprehensive guide.

Welcome to a simple game of Phasmophobia called Deja Vu! In this challenge, your objective is to identify a ghost at 6 Tanglewood Drive three times. Don't worry, it's straightforward, and you'll be provided with tier-one and tier-two gear. Plus, there's a reward of $5,000 waiting for you! So, let's get started on this exciting ghost-hunting adventure.

How to complete Deja Vu challenge in Phasmophobia

Section 1: Gear Preparation

Before diving into the Deja Vu challenge, it's essential to gather the right tools for the job. Grab your trusty Flashlight and EMF Reader as your primary tools. The Flashlight will help you navigate the dark corners of the haunted house, while the EMF Reader will detect any electromagnetic field fluctuations, a common sign of paranormal activity.

In addition to these tools, it's crucial to pay attention to the sounds around you. Listen carefully for any door closing sounds as they can indicate paranormal activity. Ghosts often manipulate objects in their environment, and doors closing on their own are a classic sign of their presence.

Section 2: Investigating Techniques

Now that you have your gear ready, it's time to employ some investigating techniques to identify the ghost haunting 6 Tanglewood Drive.

Utilize the Ouija Board: The Ouija Board can be found in the ghost's room. Use it to communicate with the ghost and ask where it is located. Be cautious while using the Ouija Board, as it can anger the ghost and make them more aggressive. Use it sparingly and with caution.

Use the Thermometer: The Thermometer is a handy tool for detecting sudden temperature drops, a sign that the ghost might be nearby. Keep an eye on the temperature readings, and if you notice a significant drop, it's a good indicator that the ghost is in the vicinity.

Check for Fingerprints: Ghosts often leave behind fingerprints, and you can detect them using the UV Light. Shine the UV Light on doors, windows, light switches, and other surfaces to reveal any fingerprints. Finding fingerprints is a crucial clue that can help you narrow down the type of ghost you are dealing with.

Section 3: Validation and Security Measures

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To validate your suspicions and ensure your safety during the investigations, it's essential to pay attention to trigger words or phrases that confirm the ghost's presence. These can include phrases like "I'm here," "I'm close," or "Can you hear me?" If you hear any of these trigger phrases through the Spirit Box or Ouija Board, it's a strong indication that the ghost is in the vicinity.

In addition to trigger phrases, keep a couple of Incense on you for added security during each investigation round. Incense emits a strong scent that can prevent the ghost from becoming aggressive, giving you more time to gather evidence and complete the challenge.

Section 4: Completing the Challenge

To complete the Deja Vu challenge, you need to repeat the entire investigation process three times, identifying the ghost at 6 Tanglewood Drive each time. Investigate the house thoroughly, using your gear and techniques to gather evidence.

Remember to stay calm and collected throughout your investigations. Fear and panic can cloud your judgment and make it difficult to identify the ghost accurately. Take your time, pay attention to the details, and trust your instincts.

Each successful completion of the challenge will earn you a reward of $5,000. So, keep persevering and don't give up until you've successfully identified the ghost three times.

Congratulations on learning how to conquer the Deja Vu challenge in Phasmophobia! By following these steps and utilizing proper techniques, you'll have no trouble identifying the ghost at 6 Tanglewood Drive. Remember to gather your gear, listen for paranormal activity, use investigating techniques like the Ouija Board, Thermometer, and UV Light, pay attention to trigger phrases, and ensure your safety with Incense.

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