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Lidia Rozo
2023-08-21 15:32:40

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Discover How to use the DOTS Light in Phasmophobia with our comprehensive guide. Boost your ghost hunting skills.

Welcome to a friendly guide on how to use the DOTS Light in Phasmophobia! In this blog post, we will explore the DOTS Light, a new feature in the game that helps players see ghosts and identify them. Whether you're a seasoned investigator or just starting out, the DOTS Light can be a valuable tool in your ghost-hunting arsenal.

Using the DOTS Light

The DOTS Light is simple to use, and with just a few steps, you can start uncovering the secrets of the paranormal world. To activate the DOTS Light, simply press the action button. Once activated, you can project a dotted light that illuminates areas and potentially reveals ghosts lurking in the shadows.

 Limitations of the DOTS Light

While the DOTS Light is a powerful tool, it's important to note that not all ghost types can be seen with it. Specific ghost types are compatible with this tool, and it's important to understand which ones they are to effectively use the DOTS Light during your investigations.

 Identifying Ghosts with Tools

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In Phasmophobia, using additional tools is crucial for identifying ghosts. One such tool is the thermometer, which helps you determine a ghost's favorite locations in your house or on the map. By identifying these hotspots, you can increase your chances of encountering the ghost and gathering evidence.

Using the DOTS Light for Identification

Once you have identified a ghost's favorite place, you can use the DOTS Light effectively to spot any ghostly presence. Shine the light back and forth in that area, paying close attention to the dots projected by the DOTS Light. If any ghostly presence becomes visible through the dots, you know you have found a compatible ghost.

Ghosts Compatible with DOTS Light

There are several ghost types that can be detected using the DOTS Light. These include the Banshee, Deogen, Goryo, Oni, Phantom, Raiju, Thaye, Wraith, Yokai, and Yuriei. Each of these ghost types has its own characteristics and behaviors, which may require different strategies to deal with effectively.

Unique Methods to Identify Ghosts

It's important to note that each ghost type in Phasmophobia has its own unique characteristics and behaviors. While the DOTS Light can be a helpful tool, it is just one piece of the puzzle. To truly identify and understand a ghost, it's recommended to seek additional guides or resources that delve into specific ghost types. These guides can provide valuable insights and strategies for dealing with each ghost type effectively.

In conclusion, the DOTS Light is a powerful tool in Phasmophobia that can help you see ghosts and identify them. By combining the DOTS Light with other tools like thermometers, you can enhance your ghost-hunting experience and increase your chances of success. Remember to explore various strategies and guides to further enhance your gameplay. Happy ghost hunting!

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