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Unlock the secrets to How To Get a Perfect Investigation Bonus in Phasmophobia with our comprehensive guide.

Welcome to our guide on how to achieve the Perfect Investigation Bonus in Phasmophobia! This bonus is a reward for being on top of your haunt game and offers an extra $50 at the end of a haunt. In this blog post, we will walk you through the tasks required, as well as provide helpful tips to ensure your success.

How To Get a Perfect Investigation Bonus in Phasmophobia

Section 1: Understanding the Tasks

The Perfect Investigation Bonus consists of three tasks which may vary depending on the map. These tasks are designed to test your skills as a paranormal investigator and require careful planning and execution.

Task 1: Detecting Ghost Presence with a Motion Sensor

One of the tasks for the Perfect Investigation Bonus is to detect ghost presence with a motion sensor. The motion sensor is a valuable tool that can help you identify the location of the ghost. To use the motion sensor effectively, place it in areas where you suspect the ghost may be present. Keep in mind that ghosts are more likely to trigger the motion sensor if they are in active mode, so pay attention to any changes in the activity levels displayed on your EMF reader.

Task 2: Preventing the Ghost from Hunting with a Crucifix

Another task for the Perfect Investigation Bonus is to prevent the ghost from hunting with a crucifix. The crucifix is a powerful tool that can ward off the ghost and prevent it from entering the hunting phase. To use the crucifix effectively, place it in areas where the ghost is likely to appear. Timing is crucial when using the crucifix, as you must activate it before the ghost enters the hunting phase. Pay attention to any signs of increased paranormal activity, such as flickering lights or a sudden drop in temperature, as these may indicate that the ghost is about to hunt.

Task 3: Achieving an Average Sanity Below 25%

The final task for the Perfect Investigation Bonus is to achieve an average sanity below 25%. This task requires you to maintain low sanity levels throughout the investigation. There are several ways to lower your sanity, such as staying in the dark, being alone, or using the Ouija board. However, it is important to note that low sanity levels can also make you an easier target for the ghost, so proceed with caution.

Section 2: Collecting Evidence

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Correctly guessing the ghost type is essential to complete the Perfect Investigation Bonus. To do this, you must collect evidence throughout the investigation. Start by marking down evidence as you find it. This will help you narrow down the possible ghost types and make an educated guess at the end.

Bone evidence can be found in hidden locations within any map. Keep an eye out for any bones you come across, as these can provide valuable evidence to identify the ghost type.

Taking high-quality photos of evidence types, ghost footprints, and related items is crucial. Make sure to capture clear and focused images, as blurry or poorly lit photos may not count towards the Perfect Investigation Bonus. When taking photos, it is important to highlight important evidence such as fingerprints under UV light, ghost footprints in salt, and burned-up crucifixes. These photos can provide valuable clues and help you identify the ghost type with more accuracy.

Section 3: Completing the Perfect Investigation Bonus

To successfully complete the Perfect Investigation Bonus, you must collect all ten 3-star photos. This means you need to capture high-quality photos of each evidence type, as well as any additional evidence such as ghost footprints or related items. Pay close attention to the details and make sure your photos are clear and well-framed.

Remember that each investigation is unique, and the challenges you face may vary. Adapt your approach based on the specific circumstances of each haunt. Pay attention to the ghost's behavior, the evidence you collect, and any additional information provided by the game. By carefully analyzing the clues and following our guidelines and tips, you'll increase your chances of obtaining the Perfect Investigation Bonus and becoming a top-notch paranormal investigator.

Achieving a Perfect Investigation Bonus in Phasmophobia is not only rewarding but also provides valuable experience in the game. By understanding the tasks, collecting evidence, and completing the required objectives, you'll become a more skilled and successful paranormal investigator. Remember to always adapt your approach based on the unique challenges of each haunt. Good luck and happy hunting!

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