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2020-10-06 11:50:57

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The action in Genshin Impact does not stop, so today we are going to explain where to find Vermeer's paintbrushes and pain.

Why find Vermeer Brushes and Paints at Genshin Impact?

We are going to find many missions throughout the explorations, this is possible when looking for them, having to perform different tasks to complete them, certainly apart from the main story missions there are others that we can consider, one of this consisting of the supporting an artist in the search for some art supplies, which will lead us to want to know where to find Vermeer's paintbrushes and pain to complete this mission, now in this guide the details will be presented to achieve it, let's just follow the content closely following.

Where to find Vermeer's paintbrushes and pain in Genshin Impact?

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Luhua Pool is the central axis of this search, it is a tremendous lake in which there are some ruins in the form of circles, here we will find Vermeer the one who gives us the mission, it is a painter who is seeking to capture the landscape that is presented here in the lake, however for this you need some tools because the lost ones, level 30 is necessary to enter this search, so we must consider it, what we have to solve is where to find Vermeer's paintbrushes and pain, these he has lost on the opposite side of the lake, it is certainly an important distance, but it is possible that the fast travel option can help us, in one part of the lake there is a ruin where the brush is located, You have to look for a bright spot on the ground in the corner of a ruined wall, after this it is necessary to travel across the lake to locate ourselves on the top of a hill, arriving at a camp where there will be some books. n toned and we will find the paintings on the edge of the cliff, for the precise search it is possible to be guided with the painting of Vermeer.

After we find both tools we will not finish yet, it is necessary that we look for a special stone on the banks of the pond, this stone adding it with the one that Vermeer already has it is necessary that they be placed in some statues, when doing so we have to use the ability to access a secret place, so it is important that we have a character that has such ability, after this we will have a fight against 3 magicians, taking into account that each of these has different elements, it is important in Genshin Impact that we get to learn elemental clashes against bosses.

Finally, now that we know where to find Vermeer's paintbrushes and pain we can move on to Genshin Impact.

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