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We welcome you to our explanatory guide on How to hunt a Mare in Phasmophobia accurately.

What to know about a mare in Phasmophobia?

It is the source of all nightmares, making it particularly powerful in the dark. This observation sheds light on the fact that the mare becomes more active in the dark. Based on this logic, it can be assumed that the Mare is susceptible to light. The book states that light weakens our chances of attack. However, there may be a twist in this story, now to help us in terms of How to hunt a Mare in Phasmophobia let's take into account the following content.

How to hunt a Mare in Phasmophobia?

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We must chase the Mare when the lights are out. However, let's be careful, because this increases the ghost's aggression and leads to a faster depletion of our sanity, this is also the most effective way to quickly gather evidence. In particular, if the ghost does not respond even with all the lights on, that in itself is substantial proof that this is a Mare, to solidify the evidence of a Mare, we must obtain the following elements:

  • - Spirit Box
  • - Ghost Orb
  • - Ghost writing

Starting off let's firmly grab the spirit box, the ghost writing book and the video camera. Let's transport them to the designated building and return immediately to get additional tools, such as the flashlight. To locate the elusive Mare, we enter a room and initiate communication using the spirit box in complete darkness. Once the ghost spawn room is discovered, we re-light the area and recover the remaining tools. We place the Ghost Writing Book on a flat surface and, while in complete darkness, persist in communicating with the ghost to elicit a written response. At the same time, we keep the camera at hand to look for Ghost Orbs, there are a few details to consider and these are the following:

  • Keep the remaining lights in the house, as an escape to a safe place in case the mare becomes restless.
  • Memorize the whereabouts of the fuse box, because wandering in the dark with the Mare is an ill-advised decision.
  • Take note if the ghost immediately turns off the light once it is turned on, because this may serve as evidence of the Mare's presence.
  • Continue to keep the lights off in the spawn room for as long as possible to prevent the ghost from moving.

When looking for evidence of a mare with phasmophobia, it is crucial to be aware of light and dark. We closely monitor the light switches and avoid being trapped in the dark for prolonged periods, with this obtaining the necessary evidence and advancing our ghost hunt is within our reach.

We can conclude that knowing How to hunt a Mare in Phasmophobia is easier than we thought, you just have to apply the instructions in this guide and we will be able to progress in the game.

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