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2020-10-06 12:00:52

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We invite you to discover How to get Split-Screen in this excellent and explanatory guide to Rocket League.

What should we know about the Rocket League split screen?

There are some restrictions according to our platform regarding the compatibility of the split screen in many games, the more we join this game it is good to have the option to play online with our companions in split screen, it should certainly be noted that the multiplayer if allows us to enjoy this possibility, but it is necessary that we know how to get Split-Screen and it is the answers that we will get the following content, so let's follow it to see the details.

How to get Split-Screen in Rocket League?

It is necessary that we connect the second control and to join the game we press the star, it is important that player 2 log in to an online or guest account to be able to enter the game, it is the same for all platforms, considering that if is on the PS4 the start of the session must be on PSN, now the use of a guest account leads to being disabled for offline play, to add player 2 after he has logged in we must enter the options of the second control to add it.
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If we are on the Xbox One, the login is on Xbox Live or guest, in the same way the restriction of guest accounts persists the same as on the PS4, here we must enter the options of the second control to add the player When this is already with the session started, now in the Switch we are going to connect the second control and press the, in this platform a second online account is not necessary, since it will have access as a guest, it is only necessary to subscribe to the nintendo online function to play, meanwhile we close with the PC, which will be enough to connect the second control and press the start button to start playing with the split screen, it is important to note that the mouse and keyboard will not be compatible for multiplayer.

We hope that the information detailed here on How to get Split-Screen has been useful to have fun in Rocket League.

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