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Today we bring you a Phasmophobia guide where we will explain how to fix the spirit box that does not work.

What to know about the spirit box in Phasmophobia?

It is something important in the game to be able to establish direct communication with the ghost, if it is damaged it will not be possible to do the relevant investigations, the moment we try to use this spirit box we have to be presented a message indicating that there is no microphone, so it is necessary that before continuing to progress we know how to fix the spirit box that does not work and to find the solution we will have the following content.

How to fix spirit box not working in Phasmophobia?

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    Once we find ourselves with this situation, what we will do is go to the main menu and do a restart of Phasmophobia, in this way if we have any luck we will have solved the How to fix the spirit box that does not work, which allows that when restarting the investigation does not happen again, but certainly there has not been any pronouncement by the developers about this error, instead they have talked about the failure of the voice and chat servers, of course at this point there have been a couple of patches that They have fixed a lot of these bugs, although somehow they are still presented, while a new patch arrives to help in this bug of the spirit box, what we can do is restart the game.

    We must take into account the possible disconnection of the voice servers at the beginning of an investigation, which will be in charge of carrying out the chat monitoring with our teammates and the spirits, causing the spirit box not to work. , so if we realize this at the beginning it is good to not lose progress and restart it instantly, when we start the investigation it is ideal that we check the sound working for our teammates, since in case of a failure we have to do the restart of the game from the lobby, you also have to avoid the alteration of Tab outside the game, since this seems to be the cause, so it is better to use the windows and minimize and maximize to continue the game.

    Saber How to fix the spirit box not working is interesting as it allows us to have fun and progress again in Phasmophobia.

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