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Discover the secrets of How To Use Night Vision Goggles in Phasmophobia with our comprehensive guide.

Welcome to our comprehensive guide on how to effectively use night vision goggles in Phasmophobia. In this article, we will walk you through the step-by-step process of activating, equipping, and utilizing these goggles to enhance your visibility during investigations. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned player, understanding the proper usage of night vision goggles can make a significant difference in your ghost hunting adventures. So let's dive in!

How To Use Night Vision Goggles in Phasmophobia

Activating Night Vision Goggles

To activate the night vision goggles, simply hold down a key on your keyboard for a few seconds. In Phasmophobia, the default key to activate the goggles is "T". Holding down this key will enable the night vision mode, allowing you to explore darker areas with enhanced visibility.

Equipping Night Vision Goggles

Equipping the night vision goggles is a simple process. Begin by clicking the "E" key to open your inventory. From there, scroll through your available items until you find the night vision goggles. Once you have located them, click on them to equip them. To ensure proper activation, hold down the "T" key for a few seconds. Now, you are ready to experience improved visibility during your nighttime investigations.

Enhanced Visibility

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Night vision goggles focus on enhancing your view of the weak flashlight beam's location rather than covering a large area. When you activate the goggles, they provide a green-hued representation of everything within your normal field of view, as if it were daytime. This feature allows you to spot important details that may have been difficult to see otherwise, such as ghost orbs or writing on the walls. By utilizing night vision goggles, you can greatly improve your chances of identifying paranormal activity and gathering crucial evidence.

 Turning Off Night Vision During Hunts

While night vision goggles are incredibly useful for improving visibility, it is important to turn them off during ghost hunts. Holding down the "T" button on your keyboard will deactivate the night vision mode. This action is crucial as it helps prevent attracting ghosts and reduces the risk of potentially fatal encounters. Ghosts in Phasmophobia are sensitive to light, so it is best to keep your visibility low during hunts to avoid agitating them.

 Obtaining Night Vision Goggles

To obtain night vision goggles, you will need to reach a certain level in the game. Specifically, night vision goggles become available for purchase once you reach Level 82. To acquire them, head over to the loadout screen in your safe house. Here, you can purchase new items for your investigations, including the highly coveted night vision goggles. Keep in mind that they are classified as Tier 3 Head Gear, so make sure you have reached the appropriate level before attempting to purchase them.

 Adding Night Vision Goggles to Your Loadout

Once you have obtained the night vision goggles, it is important to add them to your loadout. By doing so, you ensure that they are readily available for future haunts. To add them to your loadout, simply navigate to the loadout screen in your safe house and select the night vision goggles from the available options. Having them readily accessible will allow you to switch between regular vision and night vision as needed, maximizing your investigative capabilities.

In conclusion, using night vision goggles in Phasmophobia can greatly enhance your ability to navigate and investigate during the game's darker moments. Remember to activate and equip them properly, use them wisely to improve visibility, and be cautious when dealing with ghost hunts. By following these guidelines, you can increase your chances of success and stay safe during your paranormal investigations. Happy hunting!

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