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Lidia Rozo
2023-08-18 15:39:05

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Discover All Ghost movement speeds in Phasmophobia and enhance your gameplay. Get ready for some supernatural speed.

Welcome to this friendly guide on the different movement speeds of Ghosts in the popular game, Phasmophobia. Understanding how each Ghost moves can greatly enhance your chances of survival during investigations. In this article, we will explore the movement speeds of eight unique Ghost types and provide tips on slowing them down. Let's get started!

The Eight Ghosts

1. Jinn: The Jinn is known for its fast movement speed. To slow down a Jinn during your investigation, you can turn off the generator. The Jinn relies on electrical power to move quickly, so cutting off its source of energy can significantly hinder its speed. However, be cautious when using Monkey Paw wishes, as they can be costly and may not always yield the desired results.

2. Raiju: Raiju is another Ghost with high movement speed. To slow down a Raiju, it is recommended to turn off any electrical items in the area. By eliminating the electrical current around it, the Raiju's ability to move quickly is diminished. Additionally, using Smudge Sticks strategically can force the Raiju to find a hiding spot, slowing down its movements and giving you a better chance to escape.

3. Hantu: The Hantu is a Ghost that thrives in cold temperatures. Surprisingly, turning on the generator can actually reduce its speed. By increasing the ambient temperature in the room, the Hantu's movements are slowed down. However, be mindful of the chilling temperatures that accompany its presence. Keep an eye out for cold spots and use your thermometer to detect its presence.

4. Revenant: The Revenant is one of the slowest Ghosts in terms of movement speed. However, it can still be a formidable threat if not handled properly. To hinder its movement, turn off any electrical equipment in the area. The Revenant, like the Jinn and Raiju, depends on electrical power to move quickly. Utilize Smudge Sticks wisely by directing the Revenant away from you towards certain areas. By manipulating its movement, you can buy yourself more time to complete your objectives and escape.

5. Twins: (Note: Information about their movement speed is currently limited.)

6. Moroi: (Note: Information about their movement speed is currently limited.)

7. Thaye: The Thaye is a unique Ghost that ages over time, gradually slowing down its movements. To take advantage of this mechanic, it is best to stay within the designated Ghost Room, ensuring you have Crucifixes and Smudge Sticks at your disposal. The presence of Crucifixes can ward off the Thaye, while Smudge Sticks can temporarily disorient it. By staying in the Ghost Room, you can observe the Thaye's aging process and benefit from its reduced movement speed. However, it is important to be cautious with your resources, as both Crucifixes and Smudge Sticks come at a cost, and you may need them for other Ghost encounters.

Slowing Down the Ghosts

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To level the playing field and increase your chances of a successful investigation, it is essential to know how to slow down each Ghost type. By understanding their movement speeds and employing the appropriate strategies, you can effectively hinder their progress and ensure your safety.

Knowing the movement speeds of each Ghost type in Phasmophobia and how to slow them down is crucial for a successful investigation. Remember to use your resources wisely, be mindful of the costs associated with slowing down Ghosts, and always prioritize your safety. Ghost hunting can be a thrilling but dangerous activity, so it is important to approach each investigation with caution and preparation. Disclaimer: Please note that the information provided in this guide is based on available knowledge at the time of writing and may be subject to updates or changes in future game versions. As an AI language model, I cannot guarantee the accuracy or real-time updates of game-related information. Always refer to official sources or community forums for the latest details.

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