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Nioh 2: How to build a Odachi Paralyzing Stun

2020-03-17 10:46:19

This time we have for a Nioh 2 guide, in order to explain How to build a Odachi Paralyzing Stun.

If we want to stagger our enemies in Nioh 2, we must understand How to build a Odachi Paralyzing Stun, this will serve us to cause additional damage, it will be important to know the statistics and abilities that we are going to use, the weapons and guardian spirits, in general we will know many things that will be related to each other in this guide, we see what is the content that will be presented to us below.

What do we need to know about Odachi's stun stunner in Nioh 2?

For the construction of a stunner stunner, a blade of the blood spider will be used and also the paralysis ninjutsu, with this it will be able to cause the effect of immobilizing and then carrying out attacks, with 30 percent of damage that can be caused with the sword of the blood spider additionally, to finish off the weakest enemies we will use the rifle and for the strongest we have the Cannon, once we paralyze our enemy with the Ninjutsu and cause significant damage, we will finish off a massive blow with it, Now to face a human, we can use the Hook at the moment that it is paralyzed, so we will be able to cause extra damage, in addition, to have more chance of causing damage when rising from the ground, now let's see How to build a Odachi Paralyzing Stun.

How to build a Odachi Paralyzing Stun in Nioh 2?

Soul cores

Our first nucleus has to be that of Nure-Onna, this will be able to allow us to paralyze our enemies, in the case of the second nucleus, we have to go with the Karakasa Umbrella to accumulate additional paralysis, we are seeing what is necessary in terms of How to build a Odachi Paralyzing Stun.

Guardian spirits

In Nioh 2 we have that for this construction we are going to use the Feral Guardian type to achieve greater mobility, like a Dodge we can use the burst counter, together with the counter mechanic, we will start with Ame-no-Mitori for additional running speed and we also have the speed of ki recovery, we can use the Divine Rice to make an exchange in the sanctuaries, the Okuri-Inu will be another ideal option later, with the purpose of causing damage against those undamaged objects and extra Anima.

Weapons and armor

We have that in relation to How to build a Odachi Paralyzing Stun, weapons and armor will have a very important role, we will use Force and Heart as the best option, for this construction, because everything is focused on the paralysis of our enemies and then cause damage of great proportion, with the blood spider blade we can cause 30 percent additional damage to enemies when they are paralyzed, this sword is artisanal, for this reason it is possible to make much higher levels of this sword with our hands the text of Smithing as we progress in the game, with the accumulation of paralysis we can get extra bonuses, by using the Odachi construction we will use the claw so we must focus on it, with the blacksmith we can tune our weapons and make the changes that are necessary, for the weapons of distance, it will be ideal to have a bow and a rifle from the very beginning, until ll egue to have a Hand Cannon, then we make the bow fall, it is possible that these cannons will improve their strength, the armor does not have anything special to focus on, ideally it will be attentive to the good in general and those of medium armor will serve.


For this construction it will be necessary to use the combination of Strength, Constitution, Heart and Resistance, for Odachi the force will be ideal for staggering as a condition, so increasing it as much as possible will be key, in addition, it will help in increasing the damage caused with the hand cannon, the power will be increased with the Constitution, because it is a fundamental requirement for the medium armor, while the Heart will increase the damage of our Odachi and will give us extra ki for our bow, in terms of We cannot forget to put the skill points if we want to increase our Ninjutsu capacity by Nioh 2.

How to use Odachi building skill points in Nioh 2?

To understand How to build a Odachi Paralyzing Stun, it is necessary to be clear where to place the skill points, for this we have that there is a range of samurai, Samurai, Odachi Shifting, and Ninjutsu, being the most important thing to highlight of a creation.

Change skills

For the fastest recovery of our ki it is possible that we find the Yokai Within and the Dark Within, it will increase our recovery of the ki once we have used a burst counter, at the moment we will see how the refreshment of special finesse will help us recover much of our ki, to use the Devastating Rush we must use the Arcana of Vermin, helping to perform the fastest paralysis of our enemies.

Ninjutsu skills

Take Sneak Attack, Paralyzing Fire, Jellyfish Dust, and Paralyzing Shurikens

Odachi skills

Relentless, Tachi Arts and passage from the afterlife will be the skills we must focus on, it is possible that we will come to find the sword of separation so that we can be more effective when facing human enemies, against the paralyzed enemies we can use an Imperative Strike, to obtain additional damage by placing ourselves from behind with the execution of the Shadow Strike, it is ideal that we use the awake winds to give another blow to our combo, it is important that we remember the position to attack once more if it becomes necessary, the Devastating Rush we can use it, only it will cause less damage than the Imperative Strike but it has a greater range.

Samurai abilities

Looking for benefits for our postures, we must find the Strength and the Impulse of the Damage, which indicates the force and the pulsations of our ki, we can add some points for the count of the damage and the ammunition of Matchlock and Hand Cannon in Nioh 2

Finally that we now know How to build a Odachi Paralyzing Stun, we can move on to Nioh 2.

PlayStation 4 PS4
Action role-playing
Team Ninja
Koei Tecm, Sony Interactive Entertainment
Release date:
March 13, 2020
Single-player, multiplayer
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