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Call of Duty Warzone: The Best Weapons

2020-03-17 10:24:53

We find Call of Duty Warzone and in this guide we will explain the best weapons related with details.

Access to the recently available mode of Call of Duty Warzone Battle Royale will be completely free, many of us may not be aware of the best weapons that we will find along the way, so we will have in this guide what is necessary to know in Regarding this fact, so our recommendation is to pay due attention to the following content.

What do you know about the best weapons in Call of Duty Warzone?

There are many different kinds of weapons in the game, which we will be able to access, among these we have shotguns, pistols, assault rifles, launchers and even knives, it is possible to access the best in the game, when we are at the climax of the war, let's move on to find out more about it.

What are the best weapons in Call of Duty Warzone?

Depending on the type of weapon, we will see the best one for each one below:


The R9-0 or 725 will be the most powerful in the game as they are in multiplayer, despite the fact that shotguns are generally very powerful here, these are the best options.

Brand Rifle

We have that the best of these are the MK2 and the Kar98K, where power and together with our marksmanship will play an interesting role in both weapons, we can say that you are becoming better than sniper rifles and the speed of ADS does not reach check.


As for power, these are the maximum power weapons in the game, among these specifically we have that the PKM and M-91 are the best in the whole game, despite being difficult to handle.


The MP5 or an AUG will be the best options in this category, even more so when we are in the situation of playing on small maps, but this one will not enter our main weapon, which if we must take into account the tremendous power in the Short distances will help us clear any building.

Sniper's rifle

The AX-50 will be the best of all in this category, since it has an excellent range and we will have a very fast ADS at the moment of comparison with the HDR, in the head it will be the impact zone of more damage that can be caused with this weapon, in addition, another option in this same category may be the Dragunov, we are talking about a semi-automatic rifle, they will be the 2 ideals to use throughout the game.

Assault rifle

The M4A1 is the best of all the assault rifles that we will find in the game, regardless of firing distance, with this we will be able to exterminate our enemy in around 50 percent of the magazine, in general it turns out to be for the saga modern warfare one of the best weapons with which we can use for war.

We want this information presented in this Call of Duty Warzone guide to be very useful in improving your fun by knowing now everything about the best weapons.

COD Warzone, CODW, Call of Duty WZ
Microsoft Windows PC, Xbox One, Playstation 4
Battle royale, first-person shooter
Infinity Ward
Release date:
March 10, 2020
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