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Guide to learn how to change difficulty in Marvel's Avengers

  The game is very simple to understand in general, you can find very complete or very easy parts in the game but in general it is accessible to everyone in that regard. On the other hand, there are some sections that will help you run for your money, while others may be too easy. If you are faced with this dilemma, you may be wondering if you can modify how challenging the game is and you don't know how, don't worry we will teach you this.
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    How to change the difficulty in Marvel's Avengers?

    As in any other game, to change the difficulty you must enter its menu. First, press the Options button on PlayStation 4 or the Menu button on Xbox One. Then, select the Options tab, scroll down to the Settings tab and select it. This will open up another queue of submenus, and one option will be Gameplay.

    Select it and then look for the Campaign Difficulty tab at the bottom. Through this, you can choose from four levels of difficulty to apply to the single player campaign: Easy, Normal, Hard, and Brutal.

    The higher the difficulty, the more powerful the enemies you encounter, and each will be given a boost in their power level, offensive strength, and defensive strength at higher difficulty levels.

    There are players who wonder if Marvel's Avengers are awarded trophies, and the answer is yes!

    In case you are a hunter you may also ask yourself: Does changing the difficulty affect whether you can win certain trophies in Marvel's Avengers

    In this case the answer is No.

    The game has no difficulty. The only trophies assigned are related to progression and completion of specific and mandatory tasks. As such, you can modify the settings as much or as little as you like without fear of retaliation.

     Now that you know how to change the difficulty in Marvel's Avengers, you can set this game as a real challenge by having it in a different mode. Good luck with that!

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