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2020-09-09 11:17:53

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Many still have no idea how to get more credits in Marvel's Avengers, so we prepared this article to tell you how to get them.

What are credits in Marvel's Avengers?

It is not only one of the game's currencies, but also the most valuable currency in the game, they represent the premium currency of the game and it will be useful to unlock all kinds of costumes and cosmetics for each of the six playable heroes.

The issue with this monera is that being premium, the best known way to obtain it is by paying real money at a price of 100 credits for $ 1, however, the lowest price of the credit packages is $ 5 for 500 credits , while the highest has a value of $ 100 in exchange for 13,000 credits. But there are a few ways to get it without paying.

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How to get more credits in Marvel's Avengers.

As you probably already know, each has its own challenge card, which is a personal battle pass. By completing the challenge card completely you will receive a reward of 1,300 credits. Remember that in total there are six characters with a challenge card, so no less than 7,800 credits are at stake, or about $ 78 of fiat money.

Additionally, each post-launch hero will have their own Challenge Card, but theirs will cost 1000 credits and reward you with 1,300 credits anyway upon completion.

That's all you need to know if you were wondering how to get more credits in Marvel's Avengers and now that you know, we hope that you can get more and more credits without spending a single penny in the process.

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