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Our tour of Windbound simply allows us to explain how to get food.

What is the importance of getting food in Windbound?

 In this survival game, food is simply a necessary option, because as in real life it is vital, this implies choosing one of the two difficulties that this game normally has, since each one has a different option in relation to the sources of food that we can locate, if we are in survival difficulty, dying takes us to the beginning of the game, an action that is simply not interesting at all, since it is only possible to have some fragments and objects that we have managed to get.

 However, in the story difficulty it is not so complicated, as it will only return us to the island and this allows us to continue from where we left off previously, however, knowing how to get food is highly vital since if not, it is possible to occupy some amount of time, in the same way it is necessary to gather some particular quantity, because too much can simply rot which can really become tedious because it is not possible to eat.
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    How to get food in Winbound?


     There are several sources of food in this game and we detail them below:


     Hunting animals: This is the best-known food source and the main one that we can get, some smaller animals can be killed just using a knife, on the contrary, larger animals require that we use a spear. It is good to know that food from animals offers us health and resistance, their meat allows us to be strong.

    Get berries: Knowing how to get food simply makes us look for some options, for our good fortune there are several here, berries are one of them, this type of food is feasible mainly when we get to an island, because we will only wait a little until We are quite close to looting, with this we achieve that this food can last a little longer in our bag, berries are simply a staple in Windbound, which is quite common to get in the first levels, it usually offers little resistance and health.

    Fishing: Fishing is another activity that we can do when it comes to knowing how to get food, only this is not common, since they are usually difficult to catch fish, you have to have a bow and a date to do it, they are something rare and we can get them near the island.

    Mushrooms: Eating in Windbound is simply necessary, in the some chapters it is possible to get fungi that can be edible, these are brown in color and are quite close to large trees.

     Now that you know how to get food, you can go for it, because there is a variety in Windbound so starving is simply not an option, we just look a little and eat in our own way.

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