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2020-09-08 08:37:09

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We invite you to discover How to beat the Warbot a new task in Marvel’s Avengers.

Who is Warbot at Marvel’s Avengers?

  It is a giant robot that has a great health capacity and we are going to notice it by the large bar, among so many kinds of enemies that we will get in the game, this is one of the most tedious, in the different missions We will get hold of the bosses and this time if we want to know how to beat the Warbot, it is necessary that we pay attention to the content to be presented in this guide.
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How to beat the Warbot in Marvel’s Avengers?

 In order to defeat this enemy, we must focus on its weak points, since it is immune to any attack and therefore we have to look for where it is vulnerable, in the first phase we will focus on the legs, which will allow when attacking it in that area that This will overheat and we will see that it will turn red, being the right time to attack it and make its health go down, we have to do it over and over again until it loses its balance and it will fall, when this happens we will aim for his head and we will continue attacking him, with the purpose that his health is completely finished, after this it is not possible to overheat the vents of our enemy and we will find ourselves in the next stage of the fight, here at this point we are going to look for the ventilation grids that are on the side of the robot, it is necessary to attack it in this area by melee or from a distance, the latter being the best option to avoid the turrets, achieving this we will s to the final part, where the weak point of this is now the capsules on the back, we just have to finish them and he ends up losing his balance, we will hit his head again until we finally finish it.

 We hope that the information detailed here on How to beat the Warbot has been useful for your progress and fun in Marvel’s Avengers.

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