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Fabiola Rodriguez
2020-09-02 15:04:51

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Guide to learn How to get Iron Man in Marvel’s Avengers

  If you are a fan of the Marvel franchise you will know about the incredible character that is Iron Man, and therefore you want to get his incredible suit while you are working on the campaign as Kamala Khan.

The situation is as follows: you will reunite the main Avengers team and recruit the Hulk, Iron Man and everyone else. Kamala and the Hulk are your main team for the first few hours of the game, but playboy genius and billionaire philanthropist Tony Stark will be joining the campaign shortly. In short, this whole situation fuels that flame of wanting to wear the incredible iron man suit and we will teach you how to get it.
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How to get Iron Man in Marvel’s Avengers?

Iron Man is a character that you will add to your team after finishing the mission called "Home Visit". This mission occurs after unlocking Kamala Khan and Hulk being the third character to unlock. One of the first missions in the campaign sees Kamala and the Hulk asking Jarvis to locate Tony Stark, and then the pair search for and recruit him as part of their plan to reunite the Avengers.

You may want to speed things up to get Stark at once, then there is another way to unlock Iron Man. By jumping into Avengers Initiative Mode, all six playable characters will be unlocked, including Iron Man from the start. The only downside is that this mode takes place after the campaign, which means there will be spoilers for the Avengers story if you haven't played it.

These really small spoilers, so you won't hurt too much of the experience playing the Avengers Initiative before the campaign ends. But you may get more than one surprise in the campaign that are best experienced first-hand, so this is up to your criteria. Iron Man is recruited into the team very early in the campaign, so you'll be able to use him for most of it anyway. However, if you want to jump into War Zones and other missions with Tony Stark immediately, you can access the Avengers Initiative from the main menu.

 Now that you know how to get Iron Man in Marvel’s Avengers you can get this character right to his companions making this a much more incredible experience now. Luck!

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