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Lidia Rozo
2020-09-02 15:12:42

More about: Spiritfarer

Our journey through Spiritfarer allows us to have some companions, let's see How to recruit Alice.

What does Spiritfarer bring us?

  This is a game that is based on the transport of spirits, a story quite different from the traditional, there we see Stella who embarks on this adventure where she is able to reap some interesting memories, only that she needs some help and therefore It is necessary to know how to recruit Alice, because some spirits can really be difficult to get because this space is full of platforms.
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How to recruit Alice in Spiritfarer?

 Alicia is of some help to corner a sheep in her pen, and we can help her just by walking to where the sheep is and pressing Square on PS, X on Xbox or Y on NS, then it is possible to give them something to eat the sheep so that they can follow us, among the food that is possible to offer them is corn, wheat or raw carrots, then it is time to go back to Alice and return to the corral where the sheep is alone, Alice thanks us for the work done only that He will ask us to find him a partner.

 Alice is located in Mount Toroyama at -93x, 34, now it is necessary to go in search of another sheep, the important thing is that it is not a complicated task because it is possible to observe a few wandering Spiritfarer, we will only focus on the place more near Gurenu Fieldsal north del Monte at -62x, 52, when we get a sheep we feed it so that it follows us, we return to our boat to return to Alice, there we will talk to her who will be happy but will ask us for a next task that will be necessary to carry out since our search is to know how to recruit Alice, this task that she asks us is only about building a house for her on our ship.

 How to build a house for Alice in Spiritfarer?

 We are close to achieving our greatest goal, recruiting Alice so it is only necessary to make a house, this does not take more work because it could be made similar to the rest of the spaces where the spirits are housed, for this it is necessary:


  •  Interact with the blueprint stand.
  • Select the build option.
  • Scroll to the second tab in order to see the things that can be built.
  • Get 12 oak planks.
  • Get 5 threads of linen.
  • Get 4 iron ingots to build.
  • Once the house is done we talk to Alice and she will agree to be a member of our crew in Spiritfarer.

 This is all you need to know about how to recruit Alice, it is not a complicated task, we will only do some activities for her in Spiritfarer and enjoy her company on our trip.

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