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Lidia Rozo
2020-09-08 17:52:22

More about: Marvel's Avengers

There are several things we must do in Marvel's Avengers and knowing where to find the vault is one of them, let's see.

Why get the vault in Marvel`s Avengers?

While it is true this game is full of a number of elements and features that really make it interesting, it is necessary to focus on certain spaces that really have something to contribute to us, the vault specifically is one of them and contains some loot that is necessary for our performance, sometimes it is possible to collect some amount of loot while we are fighting but in the same way it can be lost, however the vault is necessary to recover it.

Where to find the vault in Marvel's Avengers?

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This is achieved on the second floor of the Chimera behind the Crow's Nest, to reach it it is necessary to get to the Technology Laboratory that is located on the first floor and from there climb the stairs that take us to the second, this is a task which leads us at first to be guided by Tomny Stark and only requires living in a certain way in the main campaign.

The vault is essential to recover the lost loot and for this it is only necessary to press X or Square in one of the terminals in order to open the menu, because throughout the campaign it is possible to get some amount of loot to which we must throw at a glance to verify that it is in our inventory, it is ideal to keep a backup as a preventive backup.

Definitely, knowing where to find the vault is a necessary task to avoid running out of loot in Marvel's Avengers, check that you always have this backup since we do not know when we need it.

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September 4, 2020
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