Daniel Hidalgo
2020-09-08 12:14:28

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Today we put together this article covering everything about where to find SHIELD caches in Marvel's Avengers, so pay attention.

What is the mission of the SHIELD caches in Marvel's Avengers?

This is the first mission in the Vault Onboarding quest chain for which you will have to find a SHIELD cache, but you do not receive the location of where to look, so we will tell you where to find the SHIELD caches.
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Where to find SHIELD caches in Marvel's Avengers.

The best way to find SHIELD cache is to play the mission "Stark Realities" which is in the Pacific Northwest, on the War Table map and requires a minimum power level of 35.

At the beginning of the mission, you will have to move left on the river until you reach a small canyon through which you will advance to reach the signal locator in the upper corner of the screen just below the current object.

This element will be useful to find the caches, allowing you to know how far you are from the cache and it will beep faster as you get closer.

The cache has a circular shape and comes out of the ground, it is a small object so you will have to be careful. He is near a tree surrounded by bushes and foliage.

By interacting with it, you will have access to a secret entrance through which you will advance to find loot chests, one of which is marked with the Shield logo on the lid and is on the right after going down the ramp at the entrance. This chest has a Valut resource that will allow you to obtain the coordinates of a Vault mission that you can complete if you want to continue the chain of Vault Onboarding missions.

 That's all you have to know about where to find SHIELD caches in Marvel's Avengers and now that you know we hope you can find them quickly so that you can keep progressing through Vault Onboarding missions quickly.

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