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2020-09-08 10:59:27

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Marvel's Avengers has arrived to present us some interesting elements, so it is necessary to know how to obtain memory chips

What are memory chips in Marvel`s Avengers?

These are a type of resources that we must gather and our goal is to reach an amount of 20, since these are found throughout history which leads us to have to play a good amount, since these chips are necessary to perform the search for StarkTech suits.

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How to get memory chips in Marvel's Avengers?

To get them it is necessary to defeat the Shinto in the iconic Missions, because this is where it is possible to get the materials that are really necessary to complete the search for StarkTech suits, here are some eventualities such as the Riotbots with which it is necessary to struggle.

These chips are obtained by starting a mission from our War Table to ensure that some sintoids can fall when we face them, because as we progress we find some quantity where it is only necessary to put them together when the mission has finished, for this it is necessary to move the cursor over the avengers A that are located on the left of our screen, we gather the 20 chips that we have obtained from collecting when we have managed to defeat the sintoids and we continue our journey through history.

This is all you need to know about how to get memory chips, it is simply an interesting task that we can carry out in Marvel's Avengers

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