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2020-09-08 08:46:57

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Knowing how to correct the loading screen error is one of the necessary tasks that we find ourselves with in Marvel's Avengers:, let's see.

What is the loading screen error in Marvel's Avengers:?

  This is a problem that we find ourselves with and that simply makes us get stuck when we try to play the campaign, this is truly a headache, luckily for us there are some solutions that we can apply and get back to the fun again.
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How to fix the loading screen error in Marvel`s Avengers?


  •  Access the campaign from the War Table.
  • This is our first solution to make it necessary to start in Initiative mode.
  • Then it is possible to control our character and access the War Table, just by pressing the D-pad and R1 to change to Reassemble.
  • Then we press X to preview.
  • Finally we select the mission that is marked with the logo of A of the Avengers.


 Receive an invitation from a friend to your strike team.

 This is another solution, but to achieve it we need to connect, so we will choose to leave the assault team and proceed through the campaign starting in Initiative mode for which it is necessary to have a friend with your copy, if this does not work Well, you have no choice but to send a support ticket to Crystal Dinamics to see what solution they can give you.

 That's all we know about how to fix the loading screen bug bugging us in Marvel's Avengers:.

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