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2020-09-02 08:09:26

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With our Madden 21 guide you will learn more about How to earn Training Points.

What are training points in Madden 21?

  They are those that allow us to make improvements to the general capabilities of our players, in this way we achieve a better strength in our team in terms of the statistics that each member of this has, having better performance and control of the opponents, this while a player can count on better statistics, his performance will be higher, it is something of great importance, a kind of currency that allows us to improve those players who already have their cards and there are many ways to see How to obtain training points and in the next content details will be presented, let's see what it brings us.

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How to get training points in Madden 21?

 Let's see the different ways we will have to get the training points:

 In superstar KO mode: here what we will do is complete the challenge that is related to the game, this being a good place to score points more quickly, during each week the challenges that must be completed will change, being weekly a way to get these points, right now there is the option of getting Lamar Jackson who has an 85 OVR, something that to begin with is very important to take advantage of.

Playing: Just by playing the game we will be able to get points, it is one of the simplest options we have for this, through the challenges and activities that are presented to us, it is necessary that we check what is found available to be completed.

The MUT challenges: the most complete possibility of obtaining the points is this, just by completing the different challenges that are presented in the MUT, by completing more we will obtain better profits, taking into account the outstanding number of challenges that await us here, to start with these is to gain a good momentum easily and quickly. It is necessary that we have our alignment in the MUT, and then press X on the Xbox or the square on the PS4, which will take us to the options and with the necessary points it is possible to make the updates, seeing the different statistics that the player.

 In this way we finalize our Madden 21 guide, now you know how to obtain training points, just enjoy it to the fullest.

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