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2020-09-08 11:35:08

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Knowing how to get Energy amplifiers is a necessary action that we can carry out in Marvel's Avengers, let's see.

What are the Energy amplifiers in Marvel`s Avengers?

  These are nothing more than a series of resources that we find in this game, because here they are necessary to achieve some improvements that may be favorable and that are clearly related to the main questions.

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How to get Energy amplifiers in Marvel's Avengers?

 The amplifiers are one of the necessary resources that we must obtain for the search for the StarkTech suits, for our luck these are not very difficult to locate, it is only necessary to interfere in a mission that makes Prime Synthnoides happy, since these must be destroyed since they will drop the Energy amplifiers.

 It is necessary to hit the sintoids so that they release the loot, these are just one type of robot that we observe in this game, of course these are also armed, only that their weapons are not usually that powerful, they can also be easily identified since they have a good size, once the amplifiers are obtained we will see that they do not have a greater use, however it is a task that we must carry out.

 Generally speaking, knowing how to get Energy Amplifiers simply is important because it allows us to defeat Sytoids and collect these resources that are vital to the search for StarkTech suits in Marvel's Avengers

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