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Today's guide to Marvel's Avengers lets us explain how to open AIM depots.

Why open AIM depots in Marvel's Avengers?

The main function of them is to free the prisoners who are locked there, on the other hand it is necessary to open some safes because here it is possible to get some loot, the advantage of this is that it is part of the open levels that we find in this game, in such a way that knowing How to open AIM deposits can simply become quite a simple activity, even though this is not usually fully understood at the beginning of the game.

How to open AIM depots in Marvel's Avengers?

In Marvel's Avengers we are offered the opportunity to have a few AIM depots and open them is our task today, for this it is necessary that you pay attention to the following explanation.
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  • First deposit - floor panels: It is necessary to get the panels and for this it is necessary to make use of some bunkers that usually use switches, the advantage is that these usually glow yellow and as soon as we step on them they turn blue, that is It is interesting to consider that there is more than one switch on the floor, in such a way that it is necessary to go over edges as possible and get them to turn green, which allows the door to be opened, as this usually occurs specifically in the campaign mission called Lost Steps.
  • The Melee Attack Switches: Knowing how to open AIM tanks is simply a fundamental task in this game, since it is necessary to consider that a switch is visible on each door, in total it is possible to get 4 of them, as these are located, one to the right, another behind the looting room, two more on the second floor specifically above the door, as soon as we manage to hit all four of them, the blue one turns green, because these switches allow us to open the door of the AIM bunker that is locked.
  • The Switches of the remote attacks: The switches are simply fundamental elements with which it is possible to get in Marvel's Avengers, since these in particular are usually round and are located in the towers near the deposit, the amount of switches with which we get is of 4, it is necessary to hit all of them to open the door, because these simply require some remote attacks and thus access the loot, the switches that we must find here are located, one on the front, another is on the back side , one switch is on the right side and the other is on the top, the process is the same as the previous process, since it is necessary to make them go from yellow to blue and end in green with our goal achieved.
  • Deposit of the terminals: We continue with our task to know how to open AIM depots because for this it is necessary to open the doors through hackable terminals, this is a job purely for the avengers and this is because they are the professionals in terms of technology Doing it with another character simply brings us to the message that says Access Denied, to achieve this opening of doors it is necessary to use the Square button on PS or X on Xbox, the most capable characters are Black Widow and of course Iron Man.
  • The breakable walls: Marvel's Avengers has definitely managed to put some amount of work on us and for this to make use of some particular characters is necessary, but here the technological characters simply do not serve to open the doors, it is necessary to get one that has brute force, well it is necessary to carry out heavy attacks for this it is important to have Ms Marvel, Thor or simply the Hulk.

 Now that you know how to open AIM depots, it is time to get them to run with the most viable characters for each of them, as they are varied enough in Marvel's Avengers.

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